Typical Client

The typical client using LambdaforLess.com desires higher quality large format typically not available utilizing inkjet technology. Jobs are generally larger in nature to take advantage of price discounts. Clients include:

Professional Photographers Graphic Designers Fine Art Photographers
Advanced Amateur Photographers Retail Designers Merchandising Managers
Interior Design Specialists Display House Professionals Graphics House Managers
Advertising Professionals

The average user is thoroughly versed in color management, file layouts, profiling, and the general workflow of large format lambda output. When necessary, we can provide assistance to get new clients started.

After determining your required length, we recommend mag tests and/or approval prints. Click here to learn how to order.


"I received the approval print today, just as you mentioned and was completely blown away. There is always that brief moment of doubt, but it looks exactly like how I envisioned it. You guys are spot on." - Jason, Milwaukee, WI

"I wanted to thank you again and let you know that the prints made it perfectly in time. We totally appreciate your service and are recommending you to all our friends and colleagues." - Klaus, Manoa, HI

"LambdaforLess is my secret weapon for large-scale color photographs –all my colleagues ask when I am making the next order. Turnaround time is fast, customer service with a personal touch, and my prints have always looked great for my portfolio and clients. Many Thanks!" - Andy, New York City, NY

"Thank you! It is a pleasure to work with a vendor like you." - Sibley, Hardford, CT

"I have been researching printers here in Denver and nothing comes close. Unbeatable pricing for top quality prints. Simply uploading tiffs I get the colors and exposures that match my calibrated monitor with no need for printer profiling. As my subject is the sky I have had issues with bright yellows around the sun going to green, but not with LambdaforLess!" - David, Denver, CO

"LamdaforLess has exceeded my expectations every time I have utilized their services. The print quality is great, delivery happened exactly when it was supposed to (and professional packaging kept any damage from occurring), and LambdaforLess was very responsive in answering all of my questions. I wish all companies (even my clients) were more like LamdaforLess." - Darris, Chicago, IL