About Us

LambdaforLess.com is a subsidiary of Corporate Color Graphics, a leader for over 39 years in the production of high quality imaging solutions in the Midwest. Utilizing Lambda print technology, clients are now able to obtain all the advantages of this industry leading technology at a fraction of historical industry prices. By leveraging your own capabilities in layout, design, and color management we are able to pass significant savings to the client when ¼, ½, ¾, or full rolls (164 ft x 50") are purchased. Custom sizes are also available. Contact customer service at 1-800-776-9583 or email commercial.sales@lambdaforless.com.

Lambda output provides superior continuous tone images, more realistic color saturation, the finest trans output on the market, superior skin tones, sharper images, crisp text and finer definition. Professionals agree, Lambda output is the most advanced output device in the world.

Many clients maintain their own art department, inkjet capability and finishing facilities. However, projects frequently demand imaging technology not available in-house. For these clients, LambdaforLess.com is the perfect answer. Why pay retail prices, commissions, and other fees when all you need is output? In these situations, utilizing LambdaforLess.com for your print requirements affords the knowledgeable client access to the most advanced digital printing system available. How low? In fact, prices can be as low as $1.70 per square foot. Our technicians utilize the latest in auto-nesting technology (free of charge) to insure maximum yield on all orders, further reducing your costs. LambdaforLess.com can also fabricate and finish your project at very competitive prices. Contact customer service to take advantage of our award-winning finishing capabilities at 1-800-776-9583 or email commercial.sales@lambdaforless.com.

DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out Winner